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WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? 

WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? The slogan "WWJD" came straight from the pits of fad hell.

"What Would Jesus Do?" all started with a youth group from the Calvary Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan. As members of "Generation X," they wanted to influence their community for Christ. Inspired by the 1896 Charles Sheldon Book, "In His Steps" (which asked the same query), these youths were moved to apply this question to the daily choices that they all faced. As a tangible reminder, they had simple cloth bracelets made that used the abbreviation, WWJD. The bracelets caught the attention of friends, classmates, parents, and town's people. Soon, almost everyone was wearing one of these bracelets. As their popularity grew, the bracelets were mass-marketed, causing the retail revolution that we see today.

It's the perfect mix of the simple and the profound: encapsulating the charge to be Christ-like Christians into four little words, easy to remember and inspirational.


 The title track, by band Big Tent Revival.

 Sample lyric: What would Jesus do walkin' in my shoes/workin' at my job and goin' to my school?


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